Hourly Server Work
Already have your server up and running, but feel like it could be running faster? Or just want someone to help you make a few changes?
If your server is already set up and running, I can help optimize and make recommendations to try and get the most performance out of your existing set-up

Emergency Server Support
In addition to my scheduled hourly work, if you need emergency, short notice, or priority work, this is what you will need to purchase.
Please ensure I am actually available to assist before purchasing this work. Minimum 1 hour required.
Type of work undertaken and supported is the same as my standard hourly rate.

CentOS Nginx Build
Full details can be found here
Starting with a clean CentOS 7 setup, I will install and configure nginx using Centminmod.

CentOS cPanel Build
Full details can be found here
Starting with a clean CentOS setup, I will install and configure Cpanel / WHM. You will also need to purchase a valid cPanel licence.

Custom Backup Solution
Using a VPS from Backupsy, set up a backup solution for your site.
All you will need to do is choose the size and location of your VPS, and I'll do the rest.
Install and configure RSNAPSHOT to perform the incremental backups of the directories you want backing up, along with the retention schedule.

Elasticsearch Installation
To make use of the Enhanced Search add-on for XenForo, you will need to have Elasticsearch installed on your VPS or dedicated server.

XenForo Update
Update XenForo installation

cPanel Tune and Optimize
If you are already running Cpanel on your Dedicated Server / VPS, then I can make changes to how PHP is run by Apache, and enable OPCode Caching such as Xcache or APC.
My preferred PHP handler is mod_ruid2 with Apache, as it provides the speed of DSO, but the security of suPHP, or replace Apache with Litespeed. Both allow the usage of an OPCode Cache.